Although with its official debut this past January at the Detroit Auto Show, the 2014 Corvette Stingray may not be on the market as long as previous generations. This is because the C8 (eighth generation) will be coming much sooner than anticipated. Sources at GM have confirmed that there C7's lifespan will only last two to four model years, the outgoing corvette has spanned over eight. So what's the reasoning behind this?
A Chevy insider who worked on the C7's development stated,"We messed up, the C7 simply fails to meet GM's upcoming fuel efficiency standards so all we can do now is come up with some sort of final edition while we simultaneously fast-track the C8's development." This same source at Chevy confirms the car will officially drop the small-block V8 in favor of a new twin-turbo V6. A plug-in extended-range hybrid version is also a possibility. Expect to see the debut of the new C8 as early as next years Detroit Auto Show... 
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Jesse maiolo
10/19/2013 9:35pm



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