The 2015 Lamborghini Cabrera was spied putting down some test laps around the Nürburgring. The new Gallardo succesor was wrapped in a flat black finish with the industry standard swirl paint job to disguise it's new shape and lines. The new Lambo' will use a revised version of the outgoing 5.2L V10 to produce somewhere in the 600 horsepower range. Matted to a 6-speed twin-clutch transmission and throw in one of the world's more technologically advanced all-wheel-drive systems and this new bull should be able to produce some very interesting numbers. Lamborghini opted to keep the quad exhausts and not go with the Aventedor center-exit pipes to keep some of timeless Gallardo styling. Watch the video and listen to hear that amazing italian V10 roar.
The first footage of a customer owned 2014 Corvette Stingray hits the dragstrip owned by who else but the folks over a Hennessey Performance. At Lonestar Motorsports Park near Houston, the Texan based tuning company puts the new C7 to test. We've heard for a while now that they plan to push this vette' over 1000hp and now the testing begins... One thing that caught us off guard is the claimed 0-60. Many sources claim t will be 3.8 seconds, 3.9, most say sub- four seconds but when Hennessey's best number was a 4.15 everything sounds questionable, tell us what you think.
American based car company, Equus, has come out with their latest insane creation. With the looks of a Restomodded Mustang Fastback and the heart of a Corvette ZR1, this bold new automobile walks the line of classic muscle car, elegance, and pure power. Power is sent to the back by GM's 6.2L supercharged V8 pumping out 640hp for a claimed 3.4 second 0-60 time. The car has said to have been out for almost a year but is just now making its rounds across the internet. With a custom built aluminum chassis and a rear mounted dual-clutch manual six-speed, (thats right, a manual dual-clutch) keeps the car evenly balanced with that behemoth of a power plant up front. With a very limited production run and sticker price of a cool $253,000 we'd suspect this will quite the piece for your collection.
Galpin Auto Sports is known for its long history of car customizing, and now it's getting into the supercar business. The company announced that the car you see here, dubbed the Galpin Ford GTR1, will make its debut next month in Monterey, California. The grand unveiling will take place at The Quail Gathering, and from there, it'll be featured on the concept lawn at Pebble Beach. Based on the Ford GT, the GTR1 boasts a custom aluminum body that's five inches wider than a stock GT. The idea behind the car was to explore what Ford's supercar might have been had production carried on through to the present day. 

Muscle is plentiful. The GTR1 boasts 1024 hp and 739 lb-ft of torque from its twin-turbo, 5.4-liter V8. Top speed is a claimed 225 mph, and to scrub off all that velocity, the car features six-pot calipers and full-carbon brake rotors behind its custom 20-inch wheels. Galpin hand-finishes the interior with bespoke leather and a new, machined instrument panel. There's also a McIntosh audio system that you'll likely never hear over the mighty din of the power train.

Article Sourced From Road&Track
When you take a company's touring car racing team, and hand them one of said company's ride-on lawnmowers and a motorcycle engine from that same company's V-twin superbike, the result is this. Which is awesome.
During the festivities at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mercedes AMG Petronas gave its driver Nico Rosberg the chance to run his current F1 car up the hill, on rain tires no less, and recorded the entire experience. To say the F1 car seems overpowered and out of place on the small road is a bit like saying jet boats don't like waves. Still, Nico shifts madly, stabbing at the throttle to keep the car running, and even takes the time to show off for photographers and fans.

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Some automakers participate in motorsports and some don't. But of those that do, the majority are automakers first and racing constructors second. McLaren (like its famous archrival) is one of the few to have started as a racing team, and then expanded into selling road cars. But now it's bridging the gap between the two categories with the 12C GT Sprint.

The new Sprint is a track version of the MP4-12C developed by the McLaren GT division, the same unit in Woking responsible for the GT3 racing model and the existing Can-Am Edition. But where the Can-Am is essentially a GT3 racer repurposed as a track toy, the Sprint is closer to the roadgoing 12C optimized for the track.

Although the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 carries over with the same 616-hp output as the post-updated road car, it has been upgraded with new oil and cooling systems. The suspension has also been tuned for the track and dropped by 40 millimeters with the electronics recalibrated. There have also been some undisclosed changes to the carbon-ceramic brakes, but the Pirelli racing slicks coating the center-locking OZ alloys will probably make the biggest difference

Article Sourced from Road&track
The world mourned when Fangio passed in 1995, but apparently he doesn't need to be a member of the living to keep blowing records away. At the recent Bonhams auction, the 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 that took him to victory in the Swiss Grand Prix and sealed his second F1 title crossed the block and sold for a mind-blowing £19,601,500, more than any other car. Ever.

That is nearly $30 million for a 60-year-old Mercedes. To put that in perspective, you could buy about 150 Mercedes-Benz SLS coupes for the same amount.

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